The SL Roadster.

That special sense of wonder is in the air again.

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Turn the sun up loud.

The design of the SLC works like an amplifier on our sense of sight and our synapses. Long nose, short overhangs – the silhouette is muscular and sensationally dynamic both when open and closed. Joie de vivre right down the line, starting with a distinctive front featuring a diamond radiator grille and chrome wing, and brilliantly finished by an expressive tail end.

Love hertz.

A noise becomes a feeling. An all-enveloping experience. The rich sound of the sports exhaust system alone is reason enough to open the roof of the SLC. Each drive program has its own soundtrack: emotively appealing and intense, from a powerful roar to a deep timbre.

Just your kind of power.

When driving, the SLC delivers what its design promises: performance par excellence. Sporty to the max, fuel-efficient or comfortable? Everything goes. Five drive programs are available to choose from via the DYNAMIC SELECT switch. For every mood, for every route.

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