The S-Class Coupé

Gran Performer.

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When did you last give in to temptation?

Youʼre allowed to weaken here. As you gaze at the exclusive details. As you stroke the soft leather. And marvel at the superlative manufacturing quality. All of the instruments and displays have a top-class glazed finish. And the new Touch Control buttons react to your every movement as if they could read your mind.

The strongest willpower doesnʼt stem from the mind.

An instinctive awareness of whatʼs right. No ifs, no buts. Just pure conviction. Thatʼs not only the feeling the S-Class Coupé evokes, but what its technology delivers too, with next-generation driving assistance systems that can analyse even more effectively and act even faster.

Experience it all. With no regrets.

Get the best out of every journey, every day, every night. The S-Class Coupé is there to support you with the new ENERGIZING comfort control, an innovation that can help revitalise or relax the atmosphere on board, according to your preference. Recharge your batteries and sharpen your concentration.

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